Classic Collection

Classic Collection is a high quality and energy efficient display showcase that offers brilliant food display visuals and temperature performance.

All models in this range are plug and play single phase with self-contained built in refrigeration,
The food display showcase is constructed in double glazed glass to maximize energy efficiency, temperature consistency and accurate airflow as well as ensuring safe surface temperatures on the glass for store customers.

Montefresca’s Classic Collection comes in a wide range of curved and square glass showcases which are perfect to display fresh cakes, fresh meat, cheese , hot pastries and foods.

With over 200 model variations the Montefresca Classic Collection is ideal for supermarkets , convenience stores, butcheries , bakeries and restaurants.

Model variations range from :                                                                        Download the Classic Collection Catalogue (Pdf 1MB)

  • Size from 900–1200-1500-1800-2400
  • Shelving options from 2, 3 or 4 tier
  • Cold cake ,meat and cheese displays
  • Hot pastry and food displays
  • Combination two in one and three in one hot and cold displays
  • Served , self-service and a combination of both